Council Members


Mr Geoff Dibble
12 West Close, Dunster, TA24 6SA
Tel: (01643) 821798



Mr Kevin Sully
Bremhays, Bremiss Road, TA24 6PR
Tel: (01643) 821400


Mrs Christine Oliver
6 Priory Green, Dunster, TA24 6RY
Tel: (01643) 821246

Mr Alan Vicary
27 Marsh Lane, Dunster, TA24 6PH
Tel: (01643) 821046

Mr Peter Finney
Butterfly Cottage, 53 Marsh Gardens, Dunster Marsh, TA24 6EX
Tel: 07946 164202

Mrs Tessa Williams
The Olde House, 13 High Street,  Dunster, TA24 6SF
Tel: (01643) 822394

Mrs Carol Ell
4 West Street, Dunster, TA24 6SN
Tel: (01643) 821740                                                                                             

Mr James Morley
Exmoor House, 12 West Street, Dunster, TA24 6SN
Tel: (01643) 821268                                                                                                                        

Mrs Jackie Meakes
22 Marsh Gardens, Dunster, TA24 6EX
Tel:  (01643) 821662

Mr Antony Melnyk
35 Marsh Lane, Dunster TA24 6PH
Tel:  (07900) 903309                                              


Any matters for the attention of the Council should be addressed to the clerk to Dunster Parish Council:

Mrs Sarah Towells
35 Sir Gilbert Scott Court, Long Street, Williton TA4 4RH
Tel: (01984) 631914



Allotment Committee
Kevin Sully, Carol Ell, Jackie Meakes and Geoff Dibble

Cemetery Committee
Christine Oliver, Alan Vicary, Kevin Sully and Jackie Meakes

Finance Committee
Geoff Dibble, James Morley, Peter Finney and Tessa Williams

Marsh Playing Field
Alan Vicary, Peter Finney and Jackie Meakes

Orchard Committee
Kevin Sully and Alan Vicary

Packhorse Playing Field
Carol Ell & Geoff Dibble

Planning Committee
Christine Oliver, Alan Vicary, Jackie Meakes and Peter Finney

Climate Group
Tessa Williams, Jackie Meakes and Peter Finney

Dunster Village Website Group
Tessa Williams, James Morley and Peter Finney